Can you raise £30 by October 6th?


We've come up with 30 fun ways to raise £30 to inspire you to fundraising glory!
Choose one, do lots of different ones or come up with your own great idea.
Get friends, family and colleagues involved too and just have some fun!


Be Inspired
  • 1

    Coffee jitters

    Could you give up your morning cup? Instead of paying for coffee why not save what you'd spend each day for 30 days and donate the money?

  • 2

    Hold a bake sale

    Bake three cakes, split them into 10 slices and sell each slice for £1

  • 3

    YES day

    Say YES to a demand a day for 30 days! Find friends that will sponsor you £1 for every YES demand you do over the 30 day challenge.

  • 4

    Hot desk

    Stage a speed dating event during your lunch hour and charge singles £1 to mingle. Put some love - themed goodies in the office, invite 30 work mates and have them pull up a chair!

  • 5

    Share your talents

    Run a boot camp, a yoga class or even an origami lesson. Bring ten friends together and charge each £3 to get involved.

  • 6

    Keep a swear jar

    Get your colleagues to donate £1 every time they slip up over 30 days. If your colleagues swear a lot, reduce the pledge to 20p to make it a laugh. You could raise **** loads in no time!

  • 7

    Hair scare

    Get sponsored £30 to dye or shave your hair… If you're feeling brave, you could have your legs or chest waxed. Ouch!

  • 8

    Take a baked bean bath

    Soak yourself in a bath full of beans and get friends or colleagues to sponsor you to stay in there for 30 minutes!

  • 9

    Breakfast club

    Ditch the boring cereal and host a breakfast club in the office. Tempt workmates with the smell of tasty bacon sandwiches, croissants, and coffee and invite them to donate money for the treats. You'll get £30 in no time!

  • 10

    Give up sweets

    Got a sweet tooth? Test your will power by giving up sweets or chocolate for 30 days and get sponsored £1 a day.

  • 11

    Walk, cycle or run to work

    Save your train, bus or tube fare for a week by taking the scenic route to work on foot. If your commute normally costs you £6 a day, you could save £30 by the end of the week. Plus you keep fit!

  • 12

    Dress down or dress LOUD

    Get your boss to agree to a dress down day in the office. Everyone donates £1 to dress casual, loud or silly. Those who don't, pay a fine of £2.

  • 13

    Car Wash

    Grab a sponge and soak the cars to raise £30 during your lunch hour. Charge £6 and clean five cars to hit your target!

  • 14

    Give out hugs

    Sometimes a hug is all we need - particularly on a Monday! Offer hugs in your office for £1 every day for 30 days.

  • 15

    Sell a service

    Ask for donations in exchange for your time – make the teas, mow the lawns, charge for lifts. You could easily raise £30 in one day or night!

  • 16


    Raise an easy £30 with a guess my time sweepstake. Take on a 3k run in flip flops and get 30 friends to donate £1 to guess your time. Have a prize for the closest guess!

  • 17


    Turn on the radio and hit the dancefloor at home or work. Get friends to sponsor you to dance for a solid 30 minutes or even 30 hours if you're feeling fit!

  • 18

    Pamper party

    Now we're talking. Invite the girls over, have your mudpacks, make up and nail polish ready and make sure the wine is chilled. Offer six treatments in return for £5 donations.

  • 19

    Break a world record

    Want to do something out of the ordinary? Have a go at breaking a silly world record. The tallest toilet paper tower built in 30 seconds is 28 rolls - think you can do better? Ask friends to sponsor you £30 to take on the 'epic' challenge.

  • 20

    Come Dine With Me

    Invite 6 friends round for dinner and charge each of them £5 for dining on your culinary delights! Why not all take a turn and multiply the money by 6!

  • 21

    Jumble sale

    Clear out your wardrobe and pile up the clothes for a jumble sale at work or school. Sell 30 pieces of clothing, each for £1.

  • 22

    Shh! Sponsored silence

    How long could you go without talking? This could be the ideal challenge for an office chatterbox. Get sponsored £30 to zip it for the day.

  • 23

    Smartie trick

    This one is simple. Save up your 20ps in Smarties tubes over 30 days. You only need to fill up three tubes to hit your £30 target!

  • 24

    Guess who the baby is ?

    This one is classic. Collect some baby photos from your work mates and charge £1 for them to guess who the baby is

  • 25

    Pie in the face

    If you're the boss, this one's for you! Is there someone willing to donate £30 to throw a pie in your face? Or 30 people eager to do this for £1?!

  • 26

    Hug a pug

    Hold a bring your dog to work day. Ask work friends to pay for the privilege or charge for a few minutes of play time and photos. You could even host dog / owner look-a-like contest...

  • 27

    Get crafty

    Spend some time with the kids and get creative making 30 different greeting cards. Sell each card for £1 to friends and family.

  • 28

    Quiz night

    Everyone loves a quiz! Hold a quiz at work or up the pub and test your colleagues or friends on pop, trivia or sport. Get a fun prize and charge five teams £6 each to enter.

  • 29

    Keepie Uppie competition

    Show off your skills by holding a keepie uppie competition or a penalty shoot - out with friends or colleagues. Get a fun prize for the winner and charge them to enter.

  • 30

    Your idea here

    'How you do it is up to you! Take inspiration from us or come up with your own great £30 fundraising idea. Just have fun!